Friday, July 2, 2010

One of Those Days

Today was a very eventful day, both in class and outside of class. Today my group had to do their presentation and it was the first performance of A Capella during the talent show. Both were very successful.

During class, was the presentation. I felt like it was very successful and we were very detailed. As I had said yesterday, I had Hyundai, but what I did not say yesterday is how our presentation performed. According to our instructor, in all the years he had been teaching Summer@Brown, our presentation was one of the best ones he had seen. Also, he said he was shocked when he saw that we used SWOT analysis on our mutual funds, because he did not teach us how to do them yet. What a SWOT analysis is, is it uses four subjects, which are Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to analyze the performance of a company. He said we were successful in using the categories to analyze the effects of the recession on the mutual funds.

To continue on this stream of high remarks, after class he said I did a very good job on my presentation and thanked me for all the help I did with the PowerPoint machine. For a little background information, I have usually been the one he would turn to, to ensure that the PowerPoint system worked for everyone, and any problems that could not be solved by the TA.

After that came the performance with the A Capella group. It was very fun and we performed great. Not only that but we had the chance to see the many talented students at this program. We only performed and were not eligible to win the competition, but a girl named Justine Freshman had won the talent show with her amazing performance on the violin. Not only that but there were many singers and pianists playing, all under one roof.

After that, I had the chance to socialize with some new people. Two others and I headed to the lounge where I met their friends. It turns out that some are from Maryland and others from New Jersey. It was interesting to hear how they are their school and how much pride they hold with their schools buildings and such. One of them, from Maryland, said his school had an indoor ice rink for ice hockey. One of them was from Bay Area San Francisco, so it was nice to have someone that is coming from the same place as me.

This day was full of surprises, but the other surprise is that I forgot my camera. I will be sure to learn from this and will post pictures the moment I have the chance.

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  1. Andrew,

    Congratulations all the way around. You have to be feeling pretty good after your presentation and the kudos from your instructor.

    Doing well at the a capella performance had to feel good as well.