Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking back

I may not always remember every detail of “Women and Leadership” at Brown University or even everyone I met but I have been changed internally for the better with the lessons and knowledge I brought home.

The lesson on speaking assertively has had immediate benefits and I am confident will assist me in my future endeavors.

The knowledge is that I, being a responsible individual, can go off to a university and live “on my own.” Well, somewhat, every one needs the help of others.

Being assertive and responsible are necessary for me to carry out my action plan and I am looking forward to doing so! Many problems, I feel, are because of lack of or low self-esteem. My action plan is to raise young women’s self esteem through helping them in developing their talents. However, such a topic is a delicate one and to get to that point of being able to help them in such a way requires many steps. My steps are to build a culture of trust with in my church’s girl youth group (ages 12 to 18). From that point, I hope to build a supportive group that can expand and from there help young women help each other develop their talents.

The first step, as mentioned above is to build trust among the young women. Trust between individuals in a group cannot be built in one night of games and discussion groups. I have learned this summer that creating an atmosphere of trust is all that a leader can offer. My strategy is to offer get-to-know-you games, keep the situations light so it is fun and safe while maintaining kindness.

My participation in the Ivy League Connection was a great experience. In addition, through my goals of developing a culture of trust leading to a supportive community that allows the safety required for young women to develop their individual talents, I will distribute the lessons and knowledge that are now intrinsically a part of me.

If I were to wrap this adventure all in one word, it would be spectacular. Thank you to all who made this adventure possible!

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