Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving Out

Today was a sad day at Brown. I woke up at seven to see that my roommate was packed and ready to hit the road. I had already packed most of my stuff but I wasn't quite ready to leave. I still needed to stuff the last few things into my suitcase, which ended up taking longer than I expected. Once I was ready I went to the Ratty Dinning Hall for my last meal there. People were already saying their good-buys and passing out hugs, which just reminded me of saying goodbye to these amazing people who I wanted to bring back to California with me.

We went to the lab and everyone was shuffling around finishing the last steps of lab, cleaning and refilling the supplies, and taking the final test. Once everything was calm the mood changed and we all started getting sentimental and sad. We took a class photo, did a little dance, and gave hugs. I almost cried but not quite. For some odd reason I felt like I would see them again somewhere in the future.

We then went to the V Dub for lunch and one of our friends made a toast about all of us being together for the past three weeks and having the times of our lives. Over the next few hours we said goodbyes to each other one at a time as we left. I didn't cry but my stomach hurt with the knowledge that I would have to leave them.

It was not the leaving that hurt--it was knowing that I might never see them again. I had realized that these were the kind of people who I would want to spend a whole year in college with. Since we are all so driven to be somebody one day I have a feeling our journeys will cross roads one more time but I was lucky enough to get to spend three fun filled weeks with them, so I'm happy for that.

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  1. Megan,

    One of those sage old sayings that makes you scratch your head in wonderment is "for every door the closes, another door opens".

    Such is the case with finishing your studies at Brown this week. Stay there and your growth will continue but at a lesser rate. Move on and you're often moving on to bigger and better things with more opportunities.

    Just like with a shark, if the shark doesn't keep moving it dies. Students are the same in that they need to keep moving forward or their brain cells whither and die.

    What's next for you, Megan?