Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello School Board!

May 13, 2010 is a night of great memories. It was full of supporters and people that know the importance of this program. It was amazing at how much happens in this school district. To be honest, this is the fist school board meeting I have ever been to, but this is not going to be my last. It has been such an enriching experience to hear all those positive comments on how we have grown from six people to twenty-nine.

One of the things that kept me alive was the speech. Ever since I walked through those doors, I was still thinking of what to say or how to say it, but when I went up there, they all vanished. One of the only problems I had was keeping my paper flat. It kept folding on itself. I hope it wasn't noticed, even though my fellow Ivy League members kept saying how well it was. If there are any requests to those that missed it or would like to see it visually, feel free to leave a comment saying you would like to see it.

What had to be one of the biggest things was when the public statement went on. I wish I remembered her name because what she said made me feel proud of myself along with everyone that was there. I couldn't point out one thing to say because everything she said was amazing. Also, hearing the past Ivy League student was a very good thing to hear, as it reminded me that we are still making history as each year goes by.

After all the speeches and standing in front of everyone and seeing all the sponsors, were the photographs. I sure hope they turned out right. It's funny how I walked in nervous about a speech and walk out nervous about some photo's.

Over all, I know it was a success and it was great to see everyone dressed up and professional. It reminded me that I could never be overdressed for an Ivy League Connection event and it further embeds in my mind to know that we have the support of an entire district and how I am grateful for it.

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  1. Your speech *was* great! I love hearing you speak in public. You sound very sincere and I think that's really important. Good job!