Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noteworthy Board Meeting

Tonight, ILC participants from the Brown, Yale, Cornell, and Columbia were honored and presented with a certificate of recognition by the School Board. It was a pleasure seeing everyone tonight - parents, sponsors, teachers, Don, Dr. Bruce Harter, and of course co-founders Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey.

It is truly an amazing experience to witness just how large the ILC has grown over the past couple years. Growing from a mere 6 to now 29 participants inevitably shows dedication, commitment, and drive. Each person that is part of the ILC plays a vital role in making the ILC a nationally recognized program.

Like Ms. Kronenberg said, we are not going to step back but instead step right into the spotlight. We are earning our name and our status through our very own efforts. No one gave us this lifetime opportunity, but instead, we worked for it. We earned an appropriate grade point average, and more importantly, we earned our spots in studying on the East Coast at highly prestigous universities.

I was impressed by the presence of everyone tonight. Attire was appropriate and the speeches made were outstanding. I would like to thank Don for all the photo opportunities thus far, and especially today with the extra large group.

Let's go ILC !

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  1. Stephanie,

    You're right about one thing here: you all earned your place in the ILC. No one handed you anything. Had you not had the test scores and the grades, had you not been able to wow us with your essay and had you not been able to impress the panelists during your interviews, none of this would be happening for you.

    When we have students in our District and they become role models for the rest of our students, then it only makes sense that we make sure the public knows about them. When we have students that make us proud, then we need to sing their praises and let the world share in our pride.

    And yes, you all dressed appropriately and looked very nice. You all made for a very nice photo of this year's ILC team and your parents.