Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Board Meeting

I was very happy to hear all of the words of gratitude that the various student speakers, chaperones, and former participants in the Ivy League Connection had to say about the program tonight at the WCCUSD School Board meeting. I'm glad that I was finally formally presented in front of the School Board. Thank you again to everyone responsible for making the program possible.

During the public comment period, I was inspired by everything the sole speaker said (I didn't catch her name). She said that young people are the future. I agree. Young people have an opportunity to really change the world they grew up in. I hope for and look forward to the experience this summer that will help me to change the world around me for the better.

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  1. Irene,

    Most of our ILC students were scared to death at the prospect of standing before the School Board and the public. I suppose it was the fear of the unknown.

    I hope you all saw, though, just how supportive they all were to each of you and to the program. You all make us so proud, Irene.