Monday, May 17, 2010

A Brunch without food

I feel that the Brunch went very well and was very informative. Thanks to Mr. Ramsey it ended on time! It was nice to hear about Brown all in one setting through very different perspectives (future student, mother, and admission officers).

I learned more about Brown and got some emails of people who could tell me more about Brown. One of my goals is to study abroad in Florence, Italy and other Renaissance related cities in Italy before I am 25 in means to learn more about the Renaissance. Go Medici! I am looking for a university that offers this. This was the first time I ever went to an event that informed me about a particular university. Knowing about Brown will help me have a guideline for judging other schools.

The meetings so far have helped me become more excited about going to Brown, take some pride on being selected to go and to experience what these kinds of meetings are like.

Additionally, I agree that learning is to learn.

I am looking forward to talking about my experience at Brown this summer to Mira Vista students.
Till next time.

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  1. Lydia,

    Sounds like you have a plan in mind and just need to find the means to implement it. I like that in a young person (older folks, too).

    Making contacts is always of benefit and helps to open doors to your future.

    Good luck to you.