Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Board Meeting/Le Strada/Exploring College Options

The Board meeting was a whole new experience in itself. We were looked at by our community as the young scholars that we are and were recognized for getting into such rigorous programs. I was amazed by my fellow members' speeches -- they not only represented their feelings about the program, but also my own.

The meeting with the Brown Admissions Officers was really cool, too. I got a chance to really get to talk one on one with an actual admissions officer from Brown. The brunch made me want to go to Brown this summer even more and really get to be a Brown student.

The Exploring College Options was a great presentation of the schools and I was really interested in Duke and Penn. I was able to ask a few questions and get a better insight into their campus. I also saw my fellow Brownie (Andrew Gabriel) there. I had a good time and was glad that I was able to attend the presentation.

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  1. Megan,

    It's always good to hear that these events have an impact on our students. Thanks for sharing.