Monday, May 17, 2010

WCCUSD School Board Meeting and Brown Brunch

Thank you to the WCCUSD School Board for approving our trip to Brown University this summer! 

On Wednesday, we were presented to the Board as the Ivy League Connection's students of 2010. It was very touching to know that so many people cared so much for us, and that they put so much effort into helping us succeed. I was moved by the speeches of Mrs. Campbell and the student speeches, and I felt very honored to be part of such a program, with so much community backing. I strongly agreed with what Mrs. Campbell said in her speech, especially the parts about how we need to bring what we learn from the Ivy League Colleges back to our communities, and about how we are far more than adequately capable to vie and compete with those with better backgrounds. The support of the Board and all of the parents and staff was overwhelming, and I have never felt so proud to be a part of something so monumental and important as this.

On Sunday, we were treated to brunch at La Strada to talk with Brown Admission officers. I have to say, I was nervous to sit at the front table in the beginning. But talking to Ms. Cohen of Coronado Elementary was very enlightening and informational. I appreciated her input to me about college experiences, and I really liked her speech to the entire crowd. I strongly believed in what she was trying to do at Coronado, and I would be honored to visit there sometime. I also hope that everyone enjoyed my speech, as I put a lot of time and effort into conveying my emotions and feelings about the Ivy League Connections and this opportunity. I learned a lot from the admission officers, and it really helped me realize that I do want to go to a college that is very loose and not strict. Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, and Mr. Gosney! In less than one month, we shall be on our way to Brown, and to the future!

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  1. Austin,

    I'm glad that you at least one thing from the meeting before the Board: Tammy Campbell is a powerful advocate for her community.

    I hope all of our ILC cohorts were able to see just how much support there is for them in the entire WCCUSD community.

    Every time I read another testimonial about the brunch with Brown I'm even more envious. I had to work that day and was unable to attend. I wouldn't be feeling so bad had you all written about how bad the food was or how boring the event was but I;m hearing and reading nothing but great things about it.

    I think we need to see if we can do something like this again for future ILC team members.

    And you're right about Linda Cohen--she's a special person and brings so much to Coronado and the rest of our community.