Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Passed!

I cannot begin to express my joy that the Ivy League Connection has passed! It is very exciting to here that it is official and now we have the full support of the school district. In addition to Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg, and Don. it is an honor to have the full support of the other members, Mr. Antonio Medrano, Ms. Audrey Miles, and Mr. Tony Thurmond, along with superintendent Mr. Bruce Harter. It was terrific news to hear when I opened that email. I will be honest though, I had no idea that it had to been pending approval from the district board, but it is a nice relief to hear that it is okay and that it is another step forward. I do hope that each of the board members and Mr. Harter had received my email. I still cannot get the mind out of the thought that me, a high school junior who has always thought small, is in a program that is large. I am still happy to hear that it had passed and I hope that if there is any more hurdles to cross, then we can hop over them and then some.

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  1. Yes, you passed and with flying colors. Never assume anything. The duly elected board of education had to approve the summer travel. Now that they have you can exhale and really prepare for an educational summer. This program is no walk in the park and you will have to redouble your efforts to do well in your course.

    Andrew, it is refreshing to see that you are willing to discuss your own insecurities. This is a good trait and will serve you well in life. During times in our life we have doubts and wonder if positive outcomes will happen. Let me tell you that it only heightens when you get older. Life will be filled with a lot of journey's but you have to undersatnd that this is the best time to learn it.

    Everyone in the Ivy League Connection is a great student. All of you have talents and skills that few students possess. Quite simply, you are the best of the best. Now you just have to believe it and strive for all that is good in this world. So I am glad that you have gained more confidence through this program.

    This summer prove to us that you can handle the rigors and demonstrate the maturity that we are seeking in all of our participants. A person that i would reach out to is Hercules Senior Stephanie Ny.

    Stephanie Ny grew tremendously in this program. Last summer she went to Yale and was incredibly overwhelmed, however, by the end of her journey she became a stronger and more determined young lady. When you have the time, and I would suggest that you take the time now, read her posts on the Yale section. Her final entries and then her time at Northwestern highlight her growth and development as a young person.

    She now is headed to Northwestern University right outside of Chicago. She is the first student from Hercules High School to attend what is deemed the "Harvard of the Midwest".

    Once again, great post and I look forward to seeing on Thursday.

    Take care.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District