Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you Board Members

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Harter, Mr. Ramsey, Ms.Kronenberg, Mr.Medrano, Ms.Miles, and Mr.Thurmond for their their efforts and participation in the Ivy League program. Your support and approval of our travels are highly appreciated. I will execute myself in a professional manner, study hard, and do my best in representing my school, the West Contra Costa Unified School District, and most importantly, the Ivy League Program. Thank you once again!

Furthermore, I would like to touch briefly on the meeting held Friday, April 16 at Pinole Valley High School with Sue Kim. If you are unfamiliar with Ms. Kim, she is a college counselor that is close-knitted to the ILC. She works closely with a handful of students each year, guiding each student and their families in the financial aid process and any other college-related matters. Since my sister worked with her as well, I have heard a lot about her- and how helpful she was in college finances.

I was very impressed with Ms. Kim's organization skills and expertise. She provided each participant with a binder swelled with college tips, cartoons, timelines, calendars, suggested dates, you name it! This binder will no doubt come in handy throughout junior and senior year. Ms. Kim has already set temporary dates for our next several meeting sessions. I look forward to working with her as I am positive she has a lot to offer.

Time has definitely flied by. It is already mid-April where STAR testing, subject testing, SAT (for some) and AP testing begins. This means that all of us will be too focused and drained off testing! This also means that studying at Brown is also drawing near! I will befriend different individuals from all parts of the world, study International Finances, establish a bond with my professor and residential leaders, and most of all explore and live on my own for a solid three weeks.

I cannot express my joy and appreciation for everyone who has contributed to my life-changing experience. Moments like these are truly remarkable and remembered for a lifetime.

Once again, I would like to thank all the sponsors, the WCCUSD Board Members, Ms. Ishmael, and especially the ILC team for their full support.
I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night!

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  1. The Ivy League Connection is comprehensive and covers all the bases. It has evolved through the years and has a great understanding of what beneifts our students.

    This is our fifth year and we have had a lot of experience in making this program one of the best in the nation. We did not win the National School Board Association Magna Award for nothing. The reason the program thrives is due to everyone working incredibly hard and wanting the very best for the students who make it into the program.

    Now is your chance to put your stamp on the ILC Class of 2010. What will your cohort add to the legacy that has become known for its commitment to excellence.

    Thanks again.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District