Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exploring Worcester

My father and I took today, which was the day we had nothing Clark related to do, to explore Worcester. We went mainly around the area around Clark University. A lot of it reminded me of Richmond. On the other hand, it felt nothing like home. It in some way made me feel uneasy. After seeing the surrounding area my mixed feeling about Clark increased. The academics and resources available at Clark are impressive and something I really like about it. The campus life and the community surrounding it not so much. I will definitely have to think a lot about my choice. One thing about the surrounding areas, which I did like, was the fact that there are several stores nearby so it does not seem like Clark is really in the middle of nowhere like I had been told previously.

Overall, I really enjoyed going around Worcester! Thankfully, it wasn’t that cold even though there was a bit of rain.

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