Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Big Apple Adventure

Since I was given a day to go out and explore New York City, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. My mother and I had breakfast in our hotel before we went to the ferry. Once we got to the ferry, my mother asked me where I wanted to go. I told her, “Everywhere! But let’s start with Times Square.” I was really excited. I felt adventurous.

We took the ferry so we could get to Manhattan. Yesterday we also took the Ferry to go check out Wall Street, but I was not able to get a good picture of the Statue of Liberty. I had low battery on my camera, but today was a different story. I managed to get a better picture. The Statue of Liberty is beautiful. I could not take my eyes off of it! It is, indeed, a great gift from the French.

Once the ferry ride was over, we took the train to go to 42nd and Times Square. I was really excited to go out and get to explore the city. After all New York is the big apple, so I wanted to see exactly what makes NYC so famous.

We arrived at our destination and as soon as we got out the Subway, I was really amazed. Uptown New York is awesome. I literally did not know where to go from there. I did not know whether to go to my left, right, or just walk straight. I let my curiosity guide me.

While we were there, my mother and I walked into a lot of stores. The stuff here is really amazing, but it is somewhat pricey. We did not end up purchasing many things, but we still had a great time. We probably walked into more than 30 stores, so it is hard for me to remember all the places. I gladly got “lost” in the crowd. I had a lot of fun!

We decided to walk to Central Park, so we could also get that experience. It was a really nice place to walk through. I really liked the peacefulness that I felt there. It was also fun to take pictures of some of the statues that I saw there. I ended up taking a lot of random pictures of statues because I thought that there were really interesting.

Overall, my day was really busy. I did my best to make this experience a memorable one. I definitely had an amazing time while being here in New York. I hope to come back and visit NYC later in the future.

P.S. My camera’s battery is currently charging so I am not able to post up pictures today, but I will do so first thing in the morning tomorrow. There are many lovely places that I took pictures of and would like to share!

As promised last night, here are some pictures of what NYC has to offer.

-Statue of Liberty in the day-

-Statue of Liberty at Night-

-View of Manhattan from the Ferry-

Downtown NYC:

Uptown NYC:

After being in NYC for 3 days now, it is time to go back home. I am really thankful for everything!

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