Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Denison Delight

Today was amazing. As my mother and I drove up to Granville I immediately thought that it was an adorable little town. The houses are quaint, the lawns are trimmed, with a brick road leading up to Denison. The atmosphere of Granville is great, it may be in the middle of nowhere, but it does not feel like it. The town has about everything you need. There is a strip of stores from CVS to a cute little frozen custard shop that is a student favorite. As you walk down the strip there are four churches one on each corner, contributing to the town’s quant atmosphere.

Denison itself is on the hill overlooking Granville. The school is beautiful. The brick buildings and old style architecture give the school personality and class. The school’s slogan is not Big Red for no reason. I got a tour from Carla and was able to attend her biology, German, and kinesiology classes, I met current students of all grade levels, and I got to talk extensively to some about their experience and thoughts on Denison so far.

The first thing we did was attend Carla’s Biology class. The professor was great. She was organized, knowledgeable, and you wouldn’t believe it, knew everyone’s names! I was actually able to talk to her about some of the pathways that there are at Denison for a Biology major. I was happy to hear that they have exactly what I wanted, molecular biology and biochemistry. The professor was engaging and seemed really easy to talk to if someone needed help. I was really impressed by the atmosphere and size of the class. Next we went to Carla’s German class. The professor mostly speaks German, but she still manages to keep me interested, making the hour seem like 20 minutes.

After her German class we went down to town and got lunch. The main entree was good but the desert was ever better. Carla took us to Whit’s were we had some of the best frozen custard I have ever had. I had the Denison Delight and it was definitely delightful. After lunch Carla took us to her kinesiology class. She had been telling me about how fun this class was all day, so I was really excited about being able to go. The class started with everyone (15 people total) , holding hands with our eyes closed and passing on the squeeze. One person would squeeze your hand and then you had to squeeze the person’s hand next to you. This gave me a weird sensation. For the main exercise we were experiencing the movement of our connective tissues and fats. We were to crawl and flip and roll around on the floor working our body. It was quite an experience. At first I was laughing at how dumb I felt rolling around on the floor, but by the end I really got into it. We then discussed the exercise and the professor asked me why I hadn’t talked yet and then she remembered that I was just a prospi, the short name for prospective students. I thought this was funny and flattering. This class really emphasized how personal and entertaining that the Denison classes are.

Throughout the day I personally talked to about 15- 20 people who all told me that Denison was a great school. They emphasized how personal the professors are and the relationship that lasts throughout the four years. They also emphasized how great of a balance Denison has when it comes to fun and school. Talking to all of these students gave me confidence that Denison would be the school for me. So far Denison is amazing

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