Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Amazing Oppertunity Just in Time

I woke up this morning and was excited about finally seeing Denison. As my dad dropped off my mom and I, my stomach was filled with butterflies. I hope to have a strong feeling when I get to Denison. I have been going back and forth between UC Davis and Denison, so being able to visit will really help me make this life changing decision. The ILC presented the opportunity for me to visit Denison just in time; I was literally seconds away from accepting my admission to UC Davis when I got the email.
I have been talking with former ILC member, Carla Ramirez Velasquez, about her experience at Denison. I first met Carla at an Environmental Science Camp over the summer. We were talking about television shows and high school and then she mentioned the ILC. I was extremely excited about meeting a former ILC member. She told me she would be going to Denison in the fall with such enthusiasm. I latter heard about Denison through the “Colleges that Change Lives Seminar” and was really impressed by what they had to offer. From that point on I talked with Carla about her experience at Denison, the good, the bad, and the beautiful. I feel as though this trip will give me the opportunity to see for myself how amazing Denison is and if it is the place for me. I will be able to make a knowledgeable choice about where I should go for the next four years. I have only been in town for an hour and have already had people telling me what a great school Denison is.

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