Friday, March 5, 2010

This is it

Hey everyone!

It looks like this is the final format for our official 2010 Brown University blog! None of this would've have been possible without the hard work from Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey and Don. As for us students, that would be all of us, but I appreciate the many positive comments from others, (and I'm sure Irene appreciates them as well).

In truth without all of us, this would have been very difficult to ensure that everything looks "spic and span". I really hope you enjoy the color and the setting. Let's not forget that this is only the format and, for the most part, the color that are permanent.

Like all great things, there are going to be critics about the execution of our blog. It is important to listen to them and ensure our blog not only pleases our eyes, but also those that are willing to give our blog a second look. If you see that this is not to your taste, lets hear it! As the saying goes, "the only thing that you would regret is if you never gave yourself a chance to be heard."

It is also important to know that this is OUR blog and even though the opinions of others counts, we should try to remain in a boundary that pleases ourselves as well.


  1. Andrew,

    Thank you to you and Irene for all of the hard work in setting this blog up. I especially appreciate the way the two of you worked together to get us to this point.

    I think we're going to find as we go along that we may want to tweak the site as we think of things that might make it better. We've discussed adding a slide show with images of Brown University and once we get going adding another slide show with images of our Brownies at the dinner, at the City Council meetings, when they come before the School Board and especially once they get to Providence.

    We learn as we go, Andrew.

  2. Andrew,

    I couldn't have said it better! Yes, we do need people in the group to voice their opinions, especially when new changes are made. I'm glad we could work together so well and produce such a great result. Thank you to Don as well for being there to answer all our questions and helping us along the way.