Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet and Eat

The dinner with the other members was a success. We all got to share all our experiences that go beyond the Ivy League Connection. It was very fun and we all got to eat good food. I felt as if we all have made a bond that will last more than the duration of this trip. First impressions were outstanding, I felt we could get along just fine during this trip and beyond.

This also gave me a chance to try out my photography skills and upload a picture that was edited in Picasa 3. It may not seem impressive, but it is definitely a step up from what it looked like before.

I'm sorry that a few members were left out, I just realized I brought my camera when leaving the restaurant.

Thank you all that made it and hope we can meet one more time before April 22.


  1. The picture looks great! It was hard arranging all of us to fit in it. Thanks for organizing this meeting, too. :)

  2. Andrew,

    What's this thing you all seem to have about music from the 80's? None of you were even born back then. Maybe it's something similar to the way my generation felt about Doo Wop from the 50's.

    Thanks, too, for posting the photo. Words are nice but words with photos are even nicer.

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone even mention the word "Brown: during the evening? Not that it was important or anything--just curious.

  3. Yes, its because the restaurant was playing different music form all over. We did talk about Brown very much, but since we all got along so well, the topics continued to shift all over.