Monday, March 1, 2010

From Zijun

Hi everyone!

It is such an honor to be chosen as an Ivy League Connection member and to go to Brown this summer. Again thank you to Don, Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg for giving me this opportunity and organizing ILC.

Also thank you to Andrew and Irene for making this blog. It is awesome!

This is my first time blogging in English. To be honest I am not a great writer and I struggled with my word usage and grammar a lot. But I will still try my best to represent De Anza High School and ILC.

Also I'm looking forward going to the informal meeting in March for us "Brownies" as well as the formal ILC dinner in April.

See you guys next time.


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  2. Zijun,

    Your English is just fine and will only improve the more you use it. If we didn't have faith in you, you'd be sitting at home this summer instead if learning the intricacies of life in Rhode Island.

    I'm glad that you appreciate what Andrew and Irene did to make this site so nice. I threw in my tow cents a couple of times but they wisely reviewed it before rejecting it and going in a direction that was far better. That's what we're expecting from all of our ILC cohorts: ask questions, ponder what you know and think for yourself.

  3. Just so you all know, the reason that an earlier comment says it was deleted is because a spammer latched on to our site and was trying to sell something, steal an email address or perhaps infect your computer. As one of the administrators of this site I deleted it.

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  5. Don't mention it! Were all a team here Zijun!