Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Completely Amazed

I'm still amazed at what wonderful news I received just last Monday. Four years ago, I never thought that I would be attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world, much less, qualify for one. I suppose it's the Richmond High mentality, the one where the dream school for everyone is U.C. Berkeley, and the only one. There's nothing wrong with that--Berkeley is a great school. However, in these past couple of months, I've learned that there are more opportunities beyond what is here in California.

I knew there were plenty of resources at Brown University, I saw for myself this summer. I fell in love with the school and I knew I had to come back. Then school started once again and we were finally starting the college application process. Sue Kim asked me when she came over at Richmond High: "Are you applying Early Decision anywhere?" I thought to myself, well, Brown really won me over, and it is definitely my number one choice. I wanted to show that to the admissions officers there. So I told her: "Yes, I am, at Brown University." I was determined.

When I was filling out my application and supplement to Brown, I never hesitated or pondered a question; it was easy for me to show the love I had for Brown. The thing that probably made the difference in my application, however, were my essays. I know they have a holistic process when reviewing applications, but I was confident that they really did stand out. I also think my transcript made a difference as well. It reflected the all the work I've done in high school.

The Ivy League Connections was what definitely prepared me for this school. If not for the program, I wouldn't be writing this blog! It's opened my eyes to the many opportunities available to me. Going back to what I wrote earlier, coming from a place like Richmond High, it's difficult to succeed in this environment. It's possible, but it requires much effort and discipline, things that I have done in order to have a good education.

Ms. Kim has also been a great counselor! She knows how to make our best qualities shine through our applications. Without her help, my application wouldn't have been as good.

My scanner is not working right now, but I will post up my acceptance letter this week. I want to share it with the rest of you.

I'm very happy right now and I can't wait to start school in Providence next year!


  1. Everything you wrote is right on! Your hard work, honesty, and dedication have paid off! Go Lupe!

  2. Congrats again Lupe. It's nice to see how your committment to apply early has paid off.